how many people Use Youtube.

Do you know how many people Using Youtube in India?

If you do not know, you will not know through this post, through this post we will know how many people in India YouTube on, friends, let us know about information that 2 years ago there were very few users who were active on YouTube. But since launch jio India, day-to-day reach Internet There is a lot of growing in India.

This has become possible due to the fact that children in India are connecting children to the internet through 4G speed schemes and schemes, and not only children but also youth, elderly and many other categories through internet. Are joining Connecting with each other and narrowing each other’s distance, and this is the main reason.

Why do people using YouTube

Now you have a question as to why people using YouTube, why not use other platforms, let us know information that many people come to YouTube to increase their education and technician knowledge. Watch more videos to increase their knowledge

And the second biggest Eeason is that people use YouTube to watch their entertainment, or entertainment, other videos, so that they too can get their mood right, and they can watch new movie trailers and songs Listening improves his and her mood.

Now in the third reason we will tell you that the creator of YouTube is increasing day by day and its main area is that there is a lot of money in YouTube, that is mean if you are also a YouTube creator then if you are also a Youtube Channel from which you can earn Millions of Rupees, there is no need to do anything.

All you have to do is open a youtube channel and then show whatever talent you have, that now that people see your content better then it will Subscribe you to More Content.

Then when you get subscribers and viewers Means Watchtime Complete, you will be able to turn on the monetization of your channel in 1 day, so that you can earn money and further upgrade yourself to do something different.

So this was some of the reasons why YouTube people do this, we have told you If you also believe that there is some other reason that people use YouTube or you come to the YouTube platform and they spend their time, comment below to let us know.

How many people use YouTube?

Now let us tell you how many people in India who use the YouTube platform, according to one website, around 85% of people using YouTube in the country watch in mobile.

And this figure is increasing every year if we talk about this percentage of last year, 73 percent According to and January 2019 data, the number of monthly active users of YouTube has risen to 26.5 as compared to 22.5 in the previous year.

If we talk about where so many viewers are coming from, let us know that due to the increasing internet speed of the day, whenever people want to find a question, they can use YouTube Looking at And they also find a solution. For this reason, their user instructions are good because they also use YouTube by searching in YouTube.

And most of these users who watch YouTube on mobile. The number of mobile viewers is increasing every year and talk about the largest channels in the country, there are around 1200 Indian YouTube channels with subscribers above one millions, while last year, it was only two channels with subscribers of 1 million Were greater than.

Today is the largest YouTube channel in India T Series which is Most subscribed, has been around 125 million + subscribers. So, how did you like this information, please tell us by commenting below and if you have any questions or suggestions, then below, we can write article about it.

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