Mobile Is Lost?

What to do if your phone is Lost?

Hello friends, if your Mobile is lost then what to do and what not, then let’s start. The phone now rolls very large.

mobile lost
mobile missed

For us, because every person has social media and Youtube and many such platforms, where they entertain themselves and many people keep Learning.

Don’t Be Afraid take the Right Steps

And in such a situation, if someone’s phone is lost, then what can be worse for that person.

When your phone is stolen or lost, there is a fear of many things that many will not use your data incorrectly.

There are many other things like if you have downloaded a banking app and you will not do anything wrong. Or you will not abuse anyone by using any social media app.

It is very important for every person to be vigilant because today is the time of internet and everyone needs to be careful in this. No one should share their personal information like password and username and access to any social media platform.

What to do when the Phone is Lost –

Step 1 –

The first thing you have to do is to try to remember when you used the last time phone and when you remember, you have to go and search there yourself.

And now you have to see the call that if there is a crowded place, then you will not do it. Because when you call the phone, when it rings, then the person next to it will see it, so what address will you return that phone.

Step 2 –

You have to go to your nearby cyber café or on your computer you have to get google’s help. We tell you how to take them. First of all you have to visit the google search engine page and type on the search box “find my Device”
As soon as you write this, you will search this, a page will open on your window.

And then you have to access your google account and then you can ring it if you want. But first you have to try to trace it, if you tell you nearby then you can go there and take your phone.

But if you are not told nearby then you have to erase all the details of your phone so that none of your data can be used incorrectly.

When you log out your phone, all your applications like facebook, twitter and banking application will also be logged out.

So now you have no fear that if your Mobile is lost or stolen then you can secure and erase your data. That is, none of your personal information can be misused.

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Step 3 –

When you access your google account with the help of find my device, then you have to change your recovery phone number. Because your SIM is in the phone that has been lost, it is not necessary that your SIM should be locked.
So that they cannot access any of your accounts and change the password of all your social media.

Step 4 – FIR (First Inquiry Report)

Now you can face some problems if he accesses all your accounts, so you will have to register an FIR with the police so that if that user uses any wrong then you do not get any harm. You will have official proof that your mobile has been stolen.

If you have not filed an FIR, then the person who has the phone (theft), if he threatens someone or commits some crime, then you are responsible for him.

That is why, to protect yourself, you must register these steps (FIR). And this will help the police to find your Mobile.

Step 5 – Turn off your SIM.

You Can Call Your Telecom Provider And Turn Off Your Sim because they dont mis use of your sim and your contact.

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