Google Drive : How To Use.

Hello friends, if you want 15gb (Gigabyte) free space on the internet, then you can use 15GB of space for free using Google Drive, but if you don’t know how to use Google Drive, then here we are You are learning to use Google Drive by Step.

drive use
how to use drive

When we did not have a smartphone, we used to use memory card a lot, but ever since smart phones have come in our life, the memory card has not had much value as it once was.

Because double space comes from them inside the smart phone so that the user can store their media files, then who will buy the memory card but we are only talking about 15gb of space, then you must be thinking that with so much space Well, our smart phone has space, so let’s know how important the use of Google Drive is.

Why Google Drive Is Important

If you are a student or a professional or any Buisnessmen, why are you telling us why you should use Google Drive, then friends sometimes when you go out somewhere and some important files or data or media files, ie your It is not right to carry a phone or laptop.

And if you want that document at the same time, what will you do?

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You will come home and take a laptop or phone with you, but what if your data you want is with you 24/7, then for this you should use Google Drive.

If you use Google Drive, then you can keep up to 15gb of data online on Google Drive by attaching documents from your media files. In this case, you can access your data from anywhere.

Benefits Of Google Drive

There are many benefits of Google Drive like you can access your files or documents or videos, images and audio etc. from anywhere in the world. And with this you do not need your phone or laptop.

If you can open your Google account from any phone or laptop or computer, you can use your files lying in Google Drive, then you can see how useful Google Drive is.

If you get 15gb of space for free, then the benefits of using it are also dim, that is why you should use Google Drive. There are many more benefits and you know very well. Now let’s know how to use Google Drive.

How To Use Google Drive

First of all, you should have a Google Account, if you do not have one, then create a simple one and it will be created in just 2 minutes and after that you will have gmail id.
How to use google drive
Google drive
After this, you have to go to Google’s homepage and click on such icon as mentioned in the image.

Google Drive Full Details

And after that you have to click on the option of Google Drive, after clicking on it, you will be taken to the home page of Google Drive and after that you can add new documents or files by clicking on the plus icon.

That’s all you have to do and after that you can access your files or data in any corner of the world, so I hope you like our article how you use Google Drive, you would love to subscribe to us on YouTube Can

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