Whatsapp Profile Picture Save Trick

The removal of the ability to take screenshots, or save display pictures is a welcome move as it adds to the growing calls for the platform to be more secure and private. WhatsApp’s creators have been working towards making the platform a more private and secure environment for its users. And this move works towards that goal.

According to WABetaInfo, the ability to save profile pictures has been completely blocked, and as such hints at WhatsApp going Facebook’s way which also blocked the downloading of Profile Pictures to protect users from their privacy being invaded and their images being used against their will.

Other updates

Apart from this, other important features are also coming to WhatsApp with the update. For example, now when users receive multiple photos in a chat, WhatsApp will still group them in a single bubble. However, the layout of the same has been improved, with a counter added to show how many items are there in the album — along with the total size of the images shared.

WhatsApp is also bringing changes to the voice messages feature. In what will come as welcome news for many, the platform is now moving away from OPUS — WhatsApp’s voice message format which uses audio codecs that provide audio playback at low latency at good quality.

However, because OPUS is not supported by many apps, WhatsApp will now convert OPUS files to M4A (AAC codec). But we get too excited, the feature is currently being tested only on iOS, and has not been rolled out as part of WhatsApp’s Android beta program.

Apart from this, a number of other general fixes are being introduced. These include improvements for streaming videos users haven’t downloaded yet, as well as improvements to receive messages notifications. The VoIP call functionality has also been improved.

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