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How to Increase Mobile Speed ​ (mobile speed Problem)

Today we will tell you how to increase the speed of your mobile phone through this article, in an extremely easy way, before that you need to read this article completely and correctly.

Mobile Speed
Speed up Mobile

If your phone hangs and or if your mobile slows down and in such a situation, if you want to increase the speed of your mobile, today we will talk whether your phone is slow or becomes, then by following the tricks we will tell you today. You Can increase your phone speed.

We will share five such tips which you will follow only by doubling the speed of your phone and your phone will never hang. Many times we are doing some important work with our phones and hanging in the middle is a very bad experience.

1 Reason of the slow mobile
2 5 Tips to get phone speed
3 3 More tips

Now it is the time of technology and in such a situation everybody is fast and they try to fast every work. Now 4G is running and everyone wants to do whatever work they do faster.

In such a situation, you will be aware that most people use their mobile phones for the purpose of education on social media platforms and some people on Youtube and internet.

If their phone hangs, it will be very bad for them. Working fast has become a necessity today.

When the phone hangs, you get stressed and the work you are doing leaves some work in your phone incomplete and you know that whatever work we leave unfinished, it increases our mental stress.

If your phone will speed up, then you will be able to do any work easily in your phone. If you study with the help of your phone or do something else, with the help of these 5 + 3 Mobile Speed more tips, you will make your phone fast. Let’s know which are those 5 tips which will increase the speed of the phone.

1 – Delete Junk Files From Your Phone –

Perhaps you would know that whatever cache you browse in the Internet, its cache file or junk files are stored in your phone. And because of that your phone gets slow or hangs, that’s why you have to delete the junk files and cash files from your phone first.
When you delete your phone speed will increase and your phone hangs. Absolutely not.

But now the question is coming in your mind that how to delete this file, then we tell you how to delete junk files to increase the speed of your phone.

First of all, you have to go to google play store and type in the search section there on google files.
So the search result will come in front of you and you have to install the files (google files) which is the product of Google at the top.
Mobile speed

2. Tips to increase mobile speed

When you install it, you have to open that app and when you open it there, on its home page you will be given the option that Delete Junk Files

You have to select the option of delete junk files and remove the junk files from your phone.
Follow the trick and get your phone speed better.

2 – Switch off for one minute (Turn off the phone for 1 minute in a day and then start) –
If you want to increase the speed of the phone, then you have to switch off your phone once a day and after 1 minute you can switch it back on.
When you switch your phone on, your phone will work absolutely free and correctly.

What is the need to do this
If you talk that switching off the phone will increase the speed of your phone, then some of you may not believe it, but we tell you that switching off your phone will increase the speed of your phone.
After reading this post, you will also know that these tricks really work
Let’s go on to the next tricks

3 – Delete Unusual Apps from Phone.

The app you do not use from your phone, that is, you have to delete the useless apps, that is why you have to do so because there are so many applications that keep running in the background and this affects your “RAM” That is why you have to delete all the applications which may not work for you.

Like if we tell you, when you buy a new phone, then many such applications come inbuilt which are not of your use at all.

They are installed inside this phone without your permission, whichever company has a phone, the company is tied up with that app, because of that they come installed allready.

For this, you should check such applications in your phone today, which are not suitable for you and are installed inside your phone, then install or remove them quickly.

This application keeps running back side in your phone, but it affects the RAM (RAM) of your phone, which causes your phone to hang. That is why the speed of your phone starts decreasing.

4-Use Similar also known as light weight Apps –

If you still do not understand what are similar apps, then let us know for your information as you use Facebook and you know
You know that Facebook’s light app works like Facebook.
For your information.

In the same way, with many such applications which make similar apps like their real applications, which take less space in your phone.

But remember that whenever you download an app, then its details have to be found. Is that app made by the same company that you want to download?

Only after reading all this information, you download the app, otherwise viruses can also come in your phone because there are many throwaway applications which can steal your phone’s data.

5 – Delete unusual video and images from your phone.

If your phone has a lot of videos and images, then this can also be a reason for your phone to be slow.

That is why if you delete the video score and photos downloaded from WhatsApp or Facebook without going to the video unnecessarily
So that your phone space is less and your phone can work properly.

6 – Update Apps Regularly

Most of the people do not update the apps in their phone, for that reason the app is unable to function properly and its effect is directly read on the speed of the phone.

That’s why all the apps you use on your phone keep updating them.

In addition to updating, if your phone has inbuilt apps and you do not use them, then you have to disable or force stop them so that your mobile can be free and your phone will never hang.

7 – Keep the home screen simple

If you want to increase the speed of your mobile, then you have to keep your home screen simple.

Now if you do not understand how to keep the home screen simple, then we tell you like you do not put more widgets on your mobile home screen and live wallpaper.

Do not keep it. Using live wallpaper in your mobile phone also affects the battery life and reduces the speed of your phone.

So friends, these were pass tricks with the help of which you can fasten your phone or increase the speed of your phone, or in other words, we have given the reason for your phone to hang and you have suggested that by following Never let your phone hang.

Before following this tips, transfer your data to a computer or else your data will be deleted.

NOTE – Use this tips when your phone starts hanging too much

Reset your phone to factory data

As we have already told that if your phone is running too slow or is hanging, then you have to reset your phone to factory data, but before that store your phone’s data on a pc (computer) so that When you delete your phone’s data, you can withdraw your data from that computer.

If you reset the factory data to your phone then the speed of your Mobile will definitely increase.

So today you have taught how to increase the speed of mobile, so how did you feel, tell us this information and if you like this information, then share it with your friends so that they also know why their phone is slow

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