How To Identify Fake Apps.

How To Know Fake Apps.

As soon as new mobiles come in hand, we first install everything from the Play Store or the App Store to a utility app of our choice such as games and Messaging Apps.

So for this, how do we identify those fake apps, which app is fake, then after reading the article completely you will be able to know, so let’s start…

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But do you know that many of the apps available on the play store have a lot of fake apps, which are all malware. Large examples of this have been seen recently.

While the Fake Version (WhatsApp) was downloaded by more than a million people last year, Reddit also saw fake versions of the Swift keyboard and VLC’s Ed Ridald version a few months ago. In such a situation, it is very important to know the methods and means of protecting fake apps.

How harmful:

Fake apps are a fake copy of popular apps and use their names and icons. This app should not be taken lightly. Fake apps secretly steal not only your personal information, but can transfer each one.

Realizing this seriousness, Google has also introduced a security system called Google Play Protect to scan apps in the Play Store to verify apps in the Play Store. That it has removed more than 7 lakh malicious apps in the last year. Despite this, there are fake apps that are going to break this security cycle.

Identify fake apps like:
Find out the tips given below to identify fake apps, read them ……………

See Search Results –

Fake apps almost always copy the name and icon of the Original App. In such case, whenever you download any app, be alert when you see more than one icon in the search result.

Check name and devloper –

In fake WhatsApp, the Developer’s name was similar to the real one but the update was attached. Similarly, Swift’s fake app was named Swift Keyboard. Such signals are used to identify fake apps.

We hope you have understood ……….

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