Why do people buy iphone

Why buy iphone

Buy iphone

Why do people buy iphone: Security

Hello friends, in this article, we will tell you why people buy it even after it is so expensive. i-phones are the Apple company that are quite popular.
So, we will give you some reasons why people are forced to buy iPhones, let’s know the first reason
Why people buy i-phones despite being so expensive.

The most important feature of the i-phone is its security, which forces people to buy.
Talk about the safety of friends and iPhone, there is a difference between Akash and Akash.

The reason we are asking is that when your Android phone is lost, whatever smartphone they will get, they can easily remove that lock. And can steal or misuse phone data.
But this is not the case in iPhone, if your iPhone is lost, there is no risk of data theft, because if someone tries to remove it (lock), the data will be deleted. Or the user who has that phone can erase that data by going to Apple’s i-cloud.

Why do people buy iphone: Design and look

Another reason for buying an i-phone is its LOOK and DESIGN. Talking about i-phone, it is good to look at other phones.
Iphone is found in many colors, such as silver, golden etc. And their body also comes slim, which makes it even more attractive. When the iPhone is in your hand, it seems that the premium has been forgotten.

Why Do People Buy Iphone : Environmental System

Environmental system
The iPhone has an eco-system, so you can receive any message from your iPhone if you have another Apple product like Mac Book Pro or any other, you can also access your message in it. .
If we understand in technical language, you can also access your iPhone data in other Apple products. People also feel better because of this.

: Hacking

If we talk about hacking i-phone, it almost cannot happen. Because iphone are very safe. You will not be afraid when your phone is not hacked.
But if we talk about Android hacking then Android phone can be hacked. And there have been many cases.
When your Android phone is lost, anyone can open it.

Now you may be wondering how this can happen, then let us tell you that there are many people who can help your universal lock and steal your data easily.
If you buy an iPhone, this is a plus point for you.

5.Hang Problems

Hanging of any phone is very bad for the user, because it may not work what they want. If we talk on the iPhone, they are not hanging on. Their operating system is very good, so do not hang.

But if you want to know about Android, then if you have a processor and no matter how big RAM, then after a while your Android phone will be hung.


Friends, this is probably also a big reason why people buy iPhones. Many people buy iPhones to prove themselves full of money and the whole family.
People buy iPhones to prove themselves rich.

Operating System

Now you know that Apple phones have different operating systems. i-Phone ios

Runs on the operating system.
And Android phones have their own separate operating system.

So today you go, why do people buy iPhones despite being so expensive.
If you know any other reason then you can comment by commenting below.
Thank you ……

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