Mi Redmi Go Frp Bypass Easy trick No Pc Required

Xiaomi has a habit of whipping out new phones with category-defying features and specifications, much to the continuing delight of Indian smartphone buyers. This has catapulted the company to the number one position in terms of market share in just a few years’ time. Xiaomi has made a name for itself with its hardware as well as the custom MIUI Android ROM, which has loads of features and a number of loyal fans. Why is why, the company’s decision to release an entry-level smartphone with very basic specifications and the cut-down Android Go operating system came as a bit of a surprise.

The new Redmi Go might seem weak on paper, especially in the shadow of the recently released Redmi Note 7 (Review) and Redmi Note 7 Pro (Review), but it’s important to remember what exactly mobile phones priced below Rs. 5,000 have been like before now. Phones at this level that we’ve reviewed in the past have had awful low-resolution screens with barely-capable processors and useless cameras, and we’ve also seen some really shoddy build quality.

Can Xiaomi bring its magic to the ultra-low-end smartphone segment? Is the new Redmi Go, priced at just Rs. 4,499. the ideal device for those upgrading from a feature phone for the first time? We’re reviewing it to find out.

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