Which is Best for New Bloggers WordPress Or Blogger.

Blogger Vs WordPress

When i Starting my Blogging journey i am confused which is the best platform for Blogging i have two choice first is free platform is blogger.com and second platform is wordpress. WordPress have a both paid and free plans.

blogger vs wordpress

now i am very confused what i choose for best platform for blogging. then i jump to free platform blogger.com because i dont had a money for domain and hosting. now i am not saying about blogger is worst. here is not my intention to hurt blogger who use the blogger.com for blogging.

but blogger.com have a some limitation for blogging like You dont do everything like in wordpress because blogger dont support any wordpress plugins. so if you have a coding skills then you can customize your website or blog is very good and beautyful.

if you are students and dont have a money then you should use the blogger.com after that you should learn coding and implement in your website or blog.

but if you have a money then you should go with the wordpress and buy the domain and hosting and customize your blog. now we show the benifits of using blogger and wordpress.

What Is Blogger

Blogger is a free platform for blogging and blogger.com started in 1999 by pyra labs. it was acquired by google in 2003. blogger is also providing a free hosting service for your blog or website. you can create a blog without any paying anything at all.

you also get a free domain name from blogger.com but you can say this subdomain. if you create a blog from then your url is look like : www.yourwebsitename.blogspot.com

now if you want to use custom domain with your blog then you should go through third party website like : godaddy etc.then you can connect to your blog or website.

blogger also have a many option like you can connect to your google adsense account and monetize your website or blog and many more.

What is WordPress

WordPress is also open source software that allows you to make a blog or website easily. wordpress started in 2003 as wordpress says 70 perchant of websites in internet using wordpress.

when you buy hosting then you can use the wordpress.org free files but what to do for this here is tips : first you search the wordpress.org and visit the website and then download the files from wordpress.org.

now you go to the your hosting and c panel and upload this files when you did this then you get your wordpress wesbite now you have a more option then blogger.com you can customize your blog or wordpress as you want.

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Benifits / Disadvantage of Blogger

First Benifits is if you are using blogger.com is you can use free of cost you dont need to pay anything at all. and blogger.com is best interface to using for blogging.

second benifits for those people who dont know anything of website development and designing. because you can make a blog very easily using blogger.com

you can get a free subdomain from blogger.com and also get a free hosting from blogger.com you dont need to paying anything at all.

now we show you the disadvantage of blogger so lets get started….. so first disadvantage of you are not owner of your Blog or Website because your all control of your website have a google reason is you are using a hosting from blogger.com means your all data is in google now it is depend on google what to do with your website or blog.

but dont worry google not delete your data without your permission but there is small doubt. now it is depend on you what is the best for you.

WordPress Benifits

You are owner of your website or blog because you have a all of access of your website or blog now you can do whatever you want with your website or blog.

second benifits of using wordpress is you can customize your website as you want so that is the best thing in wordpress you are a owner of your website or blog. and you have a access to design your website or blog.

And google like a wordpress website means is in wordpress you have a many plugins for any task so that you can do seo using plugins like yoast seo, rankmath etc.

many adavantage you have if you are using wordpress and we also suggest you to use wordpress for your website or blog. now we hope you understood which is the best for blogging wordpress or blogger.

thank you.