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Hello friends today, we will tell you that if you really lose your mobile, will you be able to find it with the help of Find My Device?Yes friends, you can find your lost phone from Find My Device, so let’s know how to find the phone from Find My Device.

So first of all, whenever you have a phone, you should have information on your Google Account, only then you will be able to get your phone.

So if you have all the information that was inside the phone when the phone was lost. Then you can find your phone very easily

First Step

So now you don’t have to panic and go to a friend or “Cyber Cafe” near you and login your account which was logged in that phone. Go to Google Search Engine and now you have to Search find my device there.

This is a service by Google, which helps you to find your device after it is lost, then how many useful services have been made.So you must definitely take advantage of this and it may be that if you really get your lost device or mobile, then this service can be so helpful.

Then after searching, you will see a new page which will look something like this

find my device helpful

And after that you will be able to see your device that which device you were logging in with when the phone went missing

Now you have many options with the help of which you can find mobile For example, you can have your mobile ring continuously for 5 minutes and you can also trace the location of your device from the Map.

You can delete all the data of your phone in one click and it is most useful for you because you cannot misuse your mobile data.

find my device service
find my device or mobile

The most important thing is that you were logged in to your Phone’s apps and website, you will be logged out with one click.

mobile device find
find my mobile device

So friends, you can keep your “Phone Data Safe” in these ways and even if the phone goes to the wrong people, it will not be Damaged.

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