How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Blog or Website

Hello friends, every blogger has a website and whenever you do not have SSL Certificate(Secure Socket Layer) in any website, then every visitor is on such website Afraid to leave and this is a big reason why the SSL Certificate is so important for your website.


If your website does not have ssl certificate, then it has a lot of disadvantages which we will tell you further, so for this you must read this post completely. Benefits of ssl and loss of SSL and how to take “SSL for free“, so let’s know about all these.


Before that you need to learn what is the difference between http and https, so let us know that the full name of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and https full name hyper text transfer protocol secure.

Now you have seen their full names, now you know what is the difference between them, then we tell you that your data is not encrypted in HTTP and https. Your data is encrypted, that is, if you go to any website and if there is https protocol on that website, then your data is safe in it.

So for this, if you are a blogger, then ssl certificate is very important for your website because Google has also said that they are also those websites. The more search engines will rank on the ranking page the website will have “SSL Certificate” For this, any other visitor can also move through your website because of your HTTP protocol, so to assure your visitor https protocol must be applied.

How To Get SSL Certificate For Free

So friends, if you want to get SSL Certificate for your website, then you have two ways. That you can get free SSL Certificate for your website which we will tell you and the other way is paid, which is good for you now We are going to tell that too, so let’s know.

So according to me if you are new to blogging, that is, your website is new, then you can take the free one and if your website is old and your website But there is good traffic, that means more visitors are coming to your website everyday, then you should get paid SSL Certificate, so now how do you get SSL for free.

If you want to get free SSL certificate for your website and blog, then you have to search on google free SSL for website, then after this you have many website Now the list will open if you can take it from Cloud Flare website.

If you do not find Cloudflare’s website there, then by searching you, you can get free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare’s website here There is no need to renew again and again, many other websites give you free SSL Certificate but in that you have to renew after every six months Does matter.

In Cloudflare’s website, you have to click on SSL and then enter the URL of your website, but after that the Free SSL Certificate will be activated on your website,

How many Types Of SSL Certificate

If you are a blogger then you should first know that there should be a ssl certificate for your website, now if you want to buy “SSL for free”, I have already told you.
And ssl comes with many types, we are going to tell which ssl certificate is right for your website and it has many types, so we are going to tell you how many types of ssl are there.

We are going to tell you that there are 7 types of ssl and we are going to tell you step by step, so let’s start

  1. Domain Validation SSL
    2.Organization Validation SSL
    3.Extended Validation SSL
    4.Wildcard SSL
    5.Multi domain wildcard SSL
    6.SAN Multidomain SSL Certificate
    7.Unified Communication SSL Certificate
  2. SSL Full Form : “Secure Socket Layer”

Now we tell you a little bit about these SSLs, so let’s start with first you get this cheapest and also about Domain Validation and this SSL for those bloggers whose website.
It is a completely new or personal blog, they have perfect SSL and it does not take much time to take it, then you can get it for free and paid both ways with a few clicks, now it is up to you whether you will get it for free or paid.

And the second SSL certificate is Organization Validation and it gives better security for your website and it may take you two to three days to get it and the third SSL certificate is Extended Validation and it is for those websites Website which conducts online transactions.
Those website URLs have a padlock show with the business name and may take more than a week to pick up because it is a bit strict process.

then we Hope you like this article of ours and thank you for being with us for similar information.