How to Make WordPress Website

Make WordPress Website

Making money by creating a website has become a very simple thing, but so far there are many people who do not yet know how to make a website with the help of WordPress. And you can earn money from it, so in this article, we will tell you today from zero to hero, how you too can earn money by creating your own website.

Yes, we are talking about blogging, you must have heard this name many times. Blogging can change your life, so you must try it in your free time. Because you have to be patient and work in it, only then you can be successful in blogging, so let’s know that before blogging, you have a website Will be needed and how can you build a website that can make you money.

Before making a website, keep these things in mind and you should have these things in your mind, so let us know what are the things that you website You must have before making So first of all, you should have a domain name and hosting.

Now you will also tell how you can get all this for free, but we recommend you to spend some money because When you buy domain and hosting, we can do anything on that website, that is, we have full control over it, so let’s know how you can get a website for free.

Make FREE Blog

Now you have to create a website for free, then you have two options, now you can select the best way for you, so let’s know
The first option is that you have Google’s free service where both subdomains and hosting will be available for free and you have the second option of WordPress.
Let us tell you how you can create a blog on Blogger for free, then first you have to search on Google Blogger and then after clicking on it You have to create an account here While creating an account, you just have to tell a little information like what you want to name your blog and what is the URL of your website or blog.

Now you can keep any URL as per your wish, but you can select the URL ie the URL of the blog will be available. Now you can set a great theme for your blog in a few clicks and here you have to apply a beautiful theme for the website or blog so that your visitors In order to attract and visit your blog again and again, to keep your blog very clean, just post your blog or website with the help of blogger for free.

Will be ready and in the same way you can create a website and blog on but it has limits and that’s why we are telling you below to make a WordPress website.

WordPress Website

There is no need for more coding knowledge to build a WordPress website but it is important to have a little technical knowledge because you Your website has to be properly customized and connect domain and hosting.

and you will have to write content to show ads on the content and If you need some plugins to do some work on your website, then you should come to install and activate it, so let’s know how you can create a wordpress website without coding knowledge.

WordPress claims that out of all the websites on the Internet, 30 percent of those websites are built with the help of WordPress or built into WordPress.
You can make a very good website and the special thing about it is that you can also create a WordPress website without coding knowledge. You can also make technical knowledge and earn money.

WordPress is a content management system that manages your content on the Internet and you can customize your WordPress website well. And to come on top in the search engine, you can seo well. There are many plugins in WordPress which will be very helpful for your website. So let’s know how we can create a WordPress website and live on the internet.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • file
  • Technical Skills
  • Content Idea
  • SSL Certificate

How To Buy Domain Name if you have idea about your blog or website then you should buy a domain name for your website. so many websites available for the domain service. now at this stage many people confuse which is the best website for the buying domain name.

then our suggestion is because we also purchased from it. after that it is up to you . you register your self on godaddy and search your domain name. when you search your domain name one thing you must clear about your website domain name.

now you can purchase domain name and pay money to website for your domain name. now you can purchase hosting for your website and then you connect domain and hosting.