How You Can Win Iphone12 Hurry Up

Hello friends, if you want to win iPhone 12, then this article is for you, now it is not even that every one of you will get an phone, then let us know how you will get more from iPhone

iphone12 giveaway

So friends, let us tell you that Technical Guruji has recently uploaded a video in which he has purchased 12 iphone and he has also said that any 12 of you will get an iphone.

So they told these iphone to win some terms, with the help of which you can also be one of these 12 lucky winners, so let’s start


We will also give you a link to the video in which the technical Guruji has said 12 iphone giveaway, but before that we want to give you some information, so do you know the technical guruji, if yes then you can scroll this paragraph.

And if you do not know, then let us tell you that there is a youtube channel by the name of Guruji Guru, which is run by a person named Gaurav and they have recently shared the iPhone 11 mobile to the people and double the happiness of the people.

Technical Guruji uploads very good videos and they upload two videos in a day, which shows their dedication to work that despite being such a big youtuber, still uploading two videos per day of the same routine.

And he said that you can also be the winner of these 12 phones, just give you the link below the video so that you will join that giveaway, so let us tell you how you will be able to join this giveaway. video

How you join this giveaway?

How you join this giveaway:

So first of all you have to go to this video of Technical Guruji and then to the discription of this video and you will get a link in this video
Which will allow you to join this giveaway.

From the link of discription you will come to a website in which you will see something like this

And now you have to login to get an entry, you can use facebook, instagram, twitter etc. for this

Now after getting the entry, if you are lucky then you will get iphone12 from the technical Guruji and if you do not, you will not get it.

So here he has also said that the entry will be received till 2 milions like on that video, so hurry up and participate in this giveaway.

Not everyone will get an iphone and we are not making any such promise that everyone will get it. At the start of the article we said that these 12 lucky winners will get these iPhones and that too when that video will be over 2 million likes.

So friends, I hope you liked this article and for more information, you can subscribe to youtube channel Thank you …

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