Whatsapp New Privacy Policy 2021. data is safe or not on whatsapp.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

The biggest thing for any user is his privacy and if an app or website makes his privacy public. So this thing is not right for any user, so today we are going to tell about the new privacy policy of whatsapp, whatsapp after all Let’s know what are in the new privacy policy and if this policy is harmful for you.

We all know that in today’s time there is the biggest demand, so the demand for that data is no longer the data that you use on the internet. Here we are talking about the data that is inside your phone like.

Whose phone number is saved in your phone or device and how much is your phone battery, which app do you use the most in a day.
Do you mean that in the day, which app do you use, all the data and app crash report and in no other way can you take your data. Denies your privacy.

So that’s why today we are going to tell you about the new privacy policy of whatsapp and how you can keep your data safe, all those things you. If you find it in the article, let’s start

Whatsapp why take your data

So friends, this question must have come in everyone’s mind, why whatsapp will take your phone’s data and what is the benefit of whatsapp? And what are your disadvantages.

So we tell you that when any app takes all this things, there are two reasons behind it and if we will give both reasons, let us know whatsapp.

Why take your data, the first reason is to improve his app, yes you read whatsapp your app right and To make you better, you have to take data so that you can use whatsapp more.

And the other reason may be that whatsapp can sell your data, how come they know, then we have already told whatsapp your data Is going to take and if whatsapp sells your data then it can get a huge amount.

But whatsapp cannot do this because whatsapp is a big company and by doing this way they will not lose their respect
Maybe it will improve its own apps by taking this data.

Overall, whatsapp wants to improve your apps and earn more money with your data is now up to you Whether to accept the new privacy policy of whatsapp or not and now we know that whatsapp is going to take your data.

Whatsapp will take your data

If you do not know what data is going to be taken in the new privacy policy of whatsapp, then let us know. whatsapp will take the details of the save contact number inside your phone and which device you are using, ie the mobile usage of which company.

Do you know whatsapp will take. In the new privacy policy of whatsapp, what you search and what you browse throughout the day will take all the information whatsapp and throughout the day.

Which app you use for how long and at what time you do it during the day or at night, it will take all the information whatsapp will also take the data from you that you buy, that is, if you take e-commerce data, then you will also take the information of unique identifiers Gonna pick you up.

Whatsapp vs Signal

now we can comapare which is better for us but before we tell which is better we cleared one thing we share only our thought not any paid promotion with any apps.

Now you have two options in front of you, the first option is that you have privacy policy of whatsapp To agree and use only whatsapp and the other option is that other apps Use apps like Telegram and Signal.

So let’s know what is the signal app and how to use and what is the signal app We also know the answers to all the questions whether they steal data or not.