Want To Grow Youtube Channel With Tubebuddy.

Grow Youtube Channel With Tubebuddy in 2021 everyone want to earn online but online earning is not easy. because of genuine way and method is very hard to earn money and one of most and popular way to earn money from “youtube”.

youtube is a best way to earn money online but you have to give time and best content and also you should have a best stretagy for your youtube channel. becuase compitition is a very high in 2021 so if you want to grow your youtube channel then this article is for you so lets get start.

Tubebuddy is your best friend

tubebuddy for grow youtube channel
tubebuddy for grow youtube channel

yes maybe tubebuddy will be your best friend because tubebuddy is best extention to grow your youtube channel in 2021. tubebuddy gives you the best tag that ranks in youtube. and tube buddy also gives you the keyword research tool and you can see the compitition and which tag and keyword is best for your channel.

all information about your channel you can get a with in 2 minutes so why are waiting you can download the tube buddy extention and grow your channel in 2021.

Tubebuddy can be a great extention for your channel because it gives you the best tags and suggestion for your channel.
And it can be a blessing for the new youtuber.

How to use Tubebuddy

Now we will know how to use tubebuddy and how it can be very helpful for your youtube channel. So first of all, it has to be downloaded and then you have to sign up with the Google account you want to link to this YouTube channel.

To enter your personal information, you will be signed in. After giving access to Google account, Tubebuddy automatic is your YouTube Link the channel but you have more than one youtube channel, then you have to set it manually

After adding your channel, you can edit your videos by going to your videos ie youtube Creator Studio. We will tell you that too, so let’s know how you can edit videos using Tubebuddy.

How to Add Tags Using Tubebuddy

Now you have also downloaded Tubebuddy and now want to use tubebuddy to rank your videos. So let’s use it to grow our channel. So, first you have to go to youtube studio and when you go to youtube studio then you have to click on the video.

Now You have to click on edit the video and when you are done then you have to scroll down to come to the tags and this is the best part Tubebuddy Why not use.

Now when you start writing your tags, you will automatically suggest which tag is right for your youtube video and you
Tags suggested by it will also be found.

And how many number of tags you have written are getting ranked, that too will show on the same, so this Tubebuddy is not amazing because it.
Earlier there was a problem in writing every youtuber tags because they did not have that much ideas but today with the introduction of such tools Has become very easy.