Android vs IOS which is better? Apple or Android

Which is the best IOS OR Android

Hello guys in this article we will tell you about the difference between about android or IOS platform which is the best and why is the best so if you want to know all about it then read carefully lets get start…..

android vs ios which is the best?
android vs ios which is the best?

many peoples are here is telling about the android and ios qualities but they dont tell the truth behind so in this article we will try to clear all things if you have doubt.

Before We Compare android and ios we want to tell you one thing if you have a money then you can buy apple product because they are very security and more power. and once you used apple product then you will be addictive ios platfrom.

first we know about the how looking the homescreen of android and ios then in my case i will go with the android because android give me more control but in ios not giving you more control like android. but if you are happy what apple gives you then : this is your homescreen you can add a photo if you want to be individual then good for you but we like being to able to set my phone just the way i want it, and android phones let me do that feature and flexibility has helped to build brand loyality.

Open And Closed System of android and ios

now we tell you about the open system and closed system of android and ios so lets get start…android give us to open system and closed system both so this things is better than ios.

you can open alternative applications. apple has not ported any of its application to android and never will so, if your music library is based on itunes, then you are locked into the iphones.

the iphone remains as propritery as ever. if you dont anything that you cant get through apple,fine. on the other hand if you are an iphone user who want to buy an amzaon e book from the kindle books or watch a google play movies, you are out of luck.


main reason of people buy i phones and using ios platform is his security system. ios has strong security than android but android dont have too much problem in security.

it is depend on you because google play store allows only secure app in play store. if you download apps from third party website than you may receive any malware and break your mobile security otherwise this is impossible.

but if you a budget to buy iphone then you should buy because i phone has strong security than android. if you dont have a budget then dont worry you are safe in android if you dont use third party apps in your device.

Battery Life and Charging

if you are comaparing through “battery life” and charging of android and battery life then we are also confused when i write this article because this is hardly to select one which is better.

it is depend on you how you use your device because android phone is different and many comapnies providing best battery life and fast charging.

Price and Cameras Quality

This is the main point can decide which is better for us. every people has different opinion and budget so this price and camera quality is decide which is the better for us so lets know about this.

we already know apple product is vey expensive and you can get a android phone in 10000 and less price. iphone cross 50000 so this is the cross limit of any medium class person.

now we talking about camera quality we can say iphone has better camera quality than android but now many companies making a best camera for medium class persons.

Design And Look

So we all know that whatever things or mobiles are being made today, they are giving great attention to their design and look because every person wants that He should have a mobile with the best look and design, so now we have the design and look of Android and ios ie iphone compare, let’s know.

If I tell correctly, the look and design of the iphone has played the most so far and still today due to its look and design, the iphone It is so popular and nowhere else Android is able to stand in front of them, that is, the look of Android is also becoming fantastic but the ios user is looking for Android And don’t like the design.

So now it is up to your budget that which mobile you buy and the choice of each person is different and that is why we cannot clear which one in it Mobile is good in look and design and a big reason is that every day new mobiles are coming and new designs and looks are coming up, so it depends on you.

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Thank you.