How To Pay Money in Play Store.

This is required by all content creators who use any paid apps and for this, they have to pay those apps once every month.
So that they can take advantage of the service of those apps, there is not much rocket science, in a very simple way you can renew any of your apps and in Google Play Store You can put money, just have a smartphone and you should have money in your bank.

pay to google play store

How To Pay Money in Play Store if you want to purchase a paid app for use then you have to pay money but problem is there many people do not know how to pay money in play store for purchasing app.

Why we write this article on pay money in play store. one day i sitting alone and i think can i edit video on mobile. but there are many application to edit videos but which is better for me.

Then i select one video editing application for my videos editing but i do not know how i can purchase using play store. so after purchasing app i think many people want to know how we can pay money in google play store for purchasing apps from google play store.

Google Play Store is a platform where you get apps for your Android mobiles and there are many apps here that solve your problem And you will not find any useless app here because the reason is that there are some terms and conditions on the Google Play Store that keep your phone safe.

How We Purchase App From Google Play Store.

First of all you select your app which you want to purchase then you go for next step. so we select our app which we want to purchase for video editing.

After selecting the app which you want to purchase you go on your upi apps like : Google Pay, Phone Pay etc. you can see these apps homepage on option “Play Store”.

Select the play store icon and you move on play store payment page. you fill your details means how you pay money to google play store so select the option which you use for payment processing.

Like you can use for payment netbanking, upi id, debit card, credit card etc. after you pay to google play store you open the google play store app.

After opening google play store you select your app which you want to purchase then you can pay for it. then you get access app which you are purchased.

Why do you have to do all this, then we tell you that when you become a content creator, then you need some apps, which every Month you have to pay money, then you are able to use those apps, then I also use a video editing apps for my youtube channel. And for that I have to put some money in the Google Play Store every month, so many people do not know how you can put money on Google Play Store.

So first of all, you should know the fees of any apps you want to subscribe to, now this is not an important thing, but after knowing this, you Not much money will be spent on the Google Play Store, as much as your app is charging, the more you can put money on the Google Play Store.

To put money on Google Play Store, you have to first install any banking app or any UPI app and you will get a lot of options in it. And in them you will also get the option of Google Play Store and after that you can pay after clicking on it.

After payment, you will get a message and in that message you will get redeem code which you will put in the Play Store and successfully bring your payment to the Play Store So I am sure that you will be able to do all these things and you can subscribe us on youtube for similar information.

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